Natural Evolution Vanity Set 250/Pkt (500)

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Natural Evolution Vanity Set 250/Pkt (500)
$138.60 (Excl. Tax)
SKU: 12819
Natural Evolution Vanity Set
• Cares for your guests and the environment
• Combining luxury body care with responsibility for the environment
• Biodegradable plastic tubes, caps and sachets
• Recyclable paper packaging
• No plastic wrappers
• Sustainability for the hospitality industry
• For eco conscious guests
• Ideal solution for environmentally responsible hotels, eco aware resorts and apartments
• Minimise your environmental footprint
• Formulated with Aloe Vera extracts
• Made from carefully selected ingredients that are biodegradable
• Soothing fragrance and relaxing effect of Aloe Vera
• Gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin and hair


Natural Evolution Vanity Set

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