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The Athena range of thermo double wall glasses allows for a comfortable drinking experience for both hot and cold beverages. The innovative double-wall feature allows drinks to maintain their desired temperature for longer, whilst also allowing the drinker to comfortably handle their beverage. Each glass is individually hand-blown which allows every glass to have its own individual story. The Athena collection is available in a range of sizes, perfect for a morning latte or evening cocktail.

Benefits of double wall glasses:

  • Temperature Retention: Double walled glasses are a lot better at retaining heat than single-walled glasses. This makes them perfect for serving hot beverages as they will allow the drink to stay hotter for longer. The double wall also helps to insulate cold beverages from heat transferred when holding the glass, helping to keep drinks icy-cold for longer.
  • Durable: Double walled glasses are thicker than their single wall counterparts thanks to the thicker material being used throughout. This strong construction makes these glasses much less prone to breakages when dropped.
  • Comfort: The double wall design insulates the beverage and allows customers to safely and comfortably handle piping hot beverages, rather than burning their fingers on the glass.

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