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Jet Supa DG Machine Dishwashing Concentrate 5ltr

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Jet Supa DG Machine Dishwashing Concentrate 5ltr

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Jet Supa DG Machine Dishwashing Concentrate 5ltr 2/Ctn

• Concentrated product, 5 Litres of Jet Supa will outlast 20 litres of conventional liquid products and all powder capsules.
• Convenient. Jet Supa containers are easy to store, light to carry and easy to insert and change.
• Safe to use. No contact with product. Quick fit, snap on inserts provide a safe and efficient connection.
• Jet Supa is suitable for septic tanks and waste water treatment systems
• Do NOT use on aluminium, tin, brass or painted surfaces as damage may occur.
$144.14 carton (Excl. Tax)

Price is for a carton of 2.

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Jet Supa DG Machine Dishwashing Concentrate 5ltr 2/Ctn Advantages Over Powder Products • Jet Supa is a liquid and is free flowing. Powdered products, even those fitted with screens, will release granules, which can block or clog the lines and render the dispenser unusable. • Consistent quality. The ingredients in powders dissolve at different rates and give uneven results. Being a liquid, Jet Supa provides consistent quality from first drop until the last. • Environmentally friendly. All powdered products contain high levels of phosphates, which can harm the environment by feeding algal blooms in our waterways. Jet Supa is phosphate free. • Reduces energy and increases lifetime of equipment. The scale prevention systems used in Jet Supa are proven performers and will minimise scale for water containing up to 300 ppm hardness. Powdered products cannot make that claim. • No ugly pipes. Powdered products require much more plumbing. The piping is expensive, unsightly, difficult to clean and can harbour bacteria and vermin. Jet Supa requires no plumbing.
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Additional Information

Unit Of Measure carton
Count per Unit 2

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