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Safechlor Stabilised Laundry Bleach Powder 25kg

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Safechlor Stabilised Laundry Bleach Powder 25kg

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Safechlor Stabilised Laundry Bleach Powder 25kg

• Safechlor is effective. it releases chlorine in an activated form which removes stains and restores sharp whiteness.
• Safechlor reduces fabric damage and linen replacement. As the chlorine in Safechlor is stabilised, it is released at a controlled rate and dramatically reduces pin-holing and fabric damage.
• Correct use of Safechlor makes linen last longer.
• Safechlor is effective at high bleach cycle temperatures. It can be used routinely in bleach cycles at temperatures up to 60
• Safechlor is reliable. There is negligible loss of chlorine activity during storage. Bleach strength is constant and uniform bleaching is assured when Safechlor is used.
• Safechlor is safe. It eliminates hazards associated with spillage and splashing.

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Safechlor Stabilised Laundry Bleach Powder 25kgOf all the chemicals used in the laundry process, sodium hypochlorite bleach is the most potentially dangerous to fabrics. Safechlor has been specially formulated to provide the power and efficiency of hypochlorite bleach in a slow release form.
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